The Venice Glass Week 2019

The Venice Glass Week 2019 - Purho: tributo to Alessandro Medini - Ca' Pisani

Purho: Tribute to Alessandro Mendini - The Venice Glass Week 2019

The Venice Glass Week 2019 – the international festival dedicated to the art of glass scheduled in Venice from September 7th to 15th - includes the exhibition "“Purho: Tribute to Alessandro Mendini” at the Ca’ Pisani Boutique Design Hotel in collaboration with AtemporaryStudio.

Designed for the lounge area of the design hotel, the exhibition is conceived as a small cabinet of curiosities in which the creativity of the renowned designer and architect from Milan comes face to face with the extraordinary potential of Murano glass.

Stimulated by the collaboration with Purho, a company that has placed the relationship between blown glass and contemporary design at the centre of its development, between 2014 and 2015 Mendini designed a family of products with complementary characteristics in which slender shapes, matte finishes and organic volumes are enhanced by the rich colours of Murano glass.

"Stella" on display for the first time at Ca' Pisani for the Venice Glass Week 2019

Petalo, Gemello e Gemella, Freccia (Petal, Twin Boy and Twin Girl, Arrow) are the names of the models already featured in the Purho catalogue, enriched with regard to the Venetian exhibition by a previously unseen project, the Stella tray available in two sizes - one smaller, the other more spacious - and two colours, indigo and steel grey.

Imagined as a six-pointed star, Stella follows in detail the design specifications shared by Mendini through a series of sketches in which the highly recognisable trait of the master leaves no room for doubt. All revolves around a sequence of unequivocal project notes: "Take care! The shape is regular! "

This series of sketches will be made strictly in black and white, with the exception of what might be considered the colour abacus which is picked out in Alessandro Mendini's collection of vases for Purho to enrich the exhibition at Ca’ Pisani Boutique Design Hotel open to the public from 7 to 29 September.

A tribute not only to an entertaining and profitable professional collaboration, but also and above all to a story of friendship between Alessandro Mendini and Andrea Dotto, CEO of Purho, described here in the words of Mendini himself: “Purho is a company made entirely of transparency and colour. Made from the lightness of Murano glass. And it is also the result of the quality of the designers who shape its collection, and who dedicate themselves to this game of collections and evanescence. Every visit to Murano, as we know, is the immersion in an energetic past, which for centuries has been renewed in new, changing objects, always old yet always topical, in a maniacal transfiguration of styles, customs, techniques and sensations. The Purho company is working at the centre of this system, creating little masterpieces. My Purho vases elaborate shapes, colours and surfaces with ample freedom, but within the rules dictated by a refined catalogue that specifies common standards, characteristics and mentalities. The three lines of my vases - Petalo, Freccia, Gemello (Petal, Arrow,Twin) - in their wide variations of shapes, colours and sizes, constitute a domestic panorama of which I myself feel the strong and delicate charm.”

This prestigious initiative, together with the exhibitions "3D Graal. Dreams drowned in the glass by Sini Majuri" at the Hotel Saturnia & International and "Purho presents the Royal Family - design Karim Rashid" at La Caravaella Restaurant, once again confirms the particular attention that the Serandrei family dedicates to the world of glass art and to the artistic and cultural life of the city

Special Event for The Venice Glass Week 2019 - September 12th at 6.30 pm

“Alessandro Mendini has always been fascinated by the delicacy and transparency of glass. Freedom in shapes and colours has been a continuous game for him, which has Revealed a number of spellbinding surprises. His meeting with Andrea Dotto in 2014 produced a small glass collection that adds to the wonderful universe of our father's objects”

Fulvia e Elisa Mendini

We are honored to host a special event for the Venice Glass Week 2019 to present this exhibition.

Free entry, required reservation via email or phone, subject to availability.



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