Ca' Pisani: il '900 ritrovato


A Pegaso by Giovanni Gariboldi on Richard Ginori ceramic, the greyhound in chromed brass and glass by Franz Hagenauer and the pannolenci puppets by Signor Bonaventura, historical character of Corriere dei Piccoli. These are only some of the objects that are part of the exhibition "Ca’ Pisani: il '900 ritrovato', housed in the common areas of the Ca 'Pisani Boutique Design Hotel, the first Venetian hotel to embrace the twentieth century, from 27 March to 27 August 2019.

The exhibition will be divided into two collections: OBJECTS OF DAILY USE BETWEEN FUTURISM AND ART DÉCO, the result of thirty years of selection by the Antiquarian and collector Maurizio Marzadori - founder of Freak Andò - largely bought by the Serandrei family, and FUTURIST AND NOVECENTO TOYS part of the "Marzadori Collection of furnishings for children, accessories and toys" whose works have been exhibited at the MOMA in New York (2012 in the exhibition "Century of the Child"), at the Milan Triennale (2017/2018 in the exhibition " Giro giro tondo ”), at the Archaeological Museum of Bologna (2003), at the Salaborsa Library in Bologna (2014) and in other prestigious museums and exhibitions.

The exhibition offers an overview of this important period of the decorative arts, displaying a set of objects of and daily use and life as well as toys of refined elegance, good taste and genius, that retrace some of the main currents of time, including Futurism, Déco, Rationalism, Aerodynamics up the early Fifties of the last century. There are works by Ponti, Gariboldi, Diulgheroff, Mazzotti, Simonetto, Pacetti, Hagenauer, Bevilacqua, Baldelli, Lenci, Tavolara, Cambellotti, Bonazzi, "Cirillo" and many others, as well as authentic anonymous masterpieces.

After the end of the exhibition, the artworks will be distributed in the rooms and common areas of the Ca ’Pisani Boutique Design Hotel.


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